School of Morality

Our College ethos defines education as the process that prepares young people for their social inheritance and advocates three dimensions of education -
a) development of knowledge,
b) training of mental abilities,
c) development of character.

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Secondary Education

We provide a stimulating, nurturing environment where learning is tailored to accommodate pupils’ individual needs. Core subjects are balanced with vibrant creative arts and life skills, underpinned by a strong Religious ethos. Learn More

Further Higher Education

If you want to go on to higher education and gain a recognised qualification to do a specific job, a BTEC HNC or HND or Diploma could be for you. These qualifications focus on 'learning by doing' and can lead into a new career, or help you progress in your current line of work. Learn More

About College

Values are seen as the foundation for character. Values are in fact orientations or dispositions whereas character involves action or activation of Knowledge and values. Moral and character education is central to our College mission statement.

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  • The students need to learn moral and ethical doctrine. Religious doctrines, philosophy and the constitution all provide core values that are embedded into our curriculum and are readily and rigorously practised. We believe that well-behaved students have positive impact on student learning behaviour, producing best role models. - Saeed Ahmad